Story of Fisherman and King’s Guard

Story of Fisherman and King's Guard - Wise man Stories

Once there was a king who wanted to give a great feast to his guests, He got all kind of dishes prepared for them but cooks were not having fish to cook. So, he offered a reward to anyone who can get fishes before feast. After knowing about the announcement, a fisher man bought the … Read more

Wise Pandit’s Reply to Householder

Wise Poor Pandit Reply - Judging by Appearance Stories

In a village, there lived a Pandit. Despite being well-versed in all Scriptures and knowing everything he was very poor and didn’t have a house. Even getting meals for a day was very difficult for him and his clothes were worn out. Pandit used to beg for his meals, “Please give me Alms.” by going … Read more

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya in English - Motivational

Long-era ago, In India lived a boy named Eklavya, son of tribal chief in the forest of kingdom Hastinapur. Eklavya was brave and handsome boy who was loved by all. His father saw that something was troubling him. Many times he saw his son lost in deep thought and other boys used to play and … Read more

Funny Husband Wife Conversations

Funny Husband Wife Conversations - Funny Moral Stories

A husband feared that his wife was not hearing well as she used to hear. He got into thinking that she might need a hearing aid but he wasn’t sure how to approach her. For suggestion he called family Doctor and told him about the situation. Doctor told him to test it by a simple … Read more

God’s Reply to Lazy Farmer Story

Lazy Farmer Story - Short Stories About Laziness in English

Once in a village, it was raining whole night. Roads in that village were muddy and there were pot holes in the way and due to rain they were filled to brim. Next day, Manu ( the farmer ) had to go to market early to sell his goods. For horses it was really difficult … Read more

Three Toys – Trust and Friendship Story

Teacher and Kids - Short Story About Trust And Friendship

In a Class, Teacher came in with Three toys ( all looked identical in shape, size and material ) and showed them to students. After all students saw them, she asked if they can find any difference in them. After keen observations, students observe that there were holes in all the toys. In 1st toy … Read more

Little Boy – Helping Others Short Story

Helping Others Short Stories - Best Short Moral Story fr Kids

Once in a village, there was a poor family. There was a small boy named Manu in this family. One day he was crossing forest carrying some woods on his shoulders. In the ways he saw an old man who was very hungry. Boy wanted to give food to told man but he wasn’t having … Read more

Boy’s Reply to Father..!!

Boy's Reply to Father - Short Story About Son and Father

One day, While father was working his son came… Son: Papa May i ask you a question? Father: Sure Son: Papa how much money do you make an hour? Father (got upset a bit): Why do you ask such thing..!! Son: I just want to know. Please tell. Father: I make 500rs per hour. Son … Read more

Old Man And The Wooden Bowl Story..!!

The Old Man And The Wooden Bowl Story - Family Stories

An old man came to live with his son, daughter-in-law and little grandson. Old man physical condition was not very good. His hand trembled and eye sight was weak and his step faltered. The family used to ate dinner together on the table. But the old man shaky hands and weak eye sight made it … Read more

Kid Judo Class – Story About Strength And Weakness

Kid Judo Class - Short Story About Strength And Weakness

A Little boy who was just 10 years old lost his left arm in an accident. Despite that he decided to learn Judo. He started his lessons with an old Japanese master. The boy was learning well. One thing that bothered him that it’s been three month and his master had taught him only one … Read more

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