Overcoming Desires – Saint Wish

Overcoming Desires - Inspiring Spiritual Moral Stories to Learn

Once there was a man who had desires larger than life. He tried everything to earn money and fulfill his desires but didn’t succeed. One day he came attended a satsang and following it be followed the path of saint. Now he became saint and his longing for anything weren’t there anymore. He used to … Read more

Inspiring Interview – Appreciating Others

Appreciating Others stories - Heart Touching Story of Mother Son

One day a young person who was academically excellent applied for manager’s post in big company. He passed written exam and then group interview. After this young man had to face final interview to be taken by company’s director. In final interview Director looked into young man CV and saw that young person did extremely … Read more

Boy and Girl After Marriage

Boy and Girl After Marriage - Sad Love Stories in English Moral

A boy and girl loved each other very much. One day boy proposed girl. Girl asked, “What am I to you?” Boy thought for a moment  and then looked into her eyes and said, “You are missing part of my heart.” Girl smiled and accepted his proposal. Soon they both got married and lived a … Read more

Secret to Happy Married Life – Funny Moral Stories

Secret to Happy Married Life - Funny Moral Stories for Couple

A couple married for more than 60 years. They shared everything and talked about everything, They never even kept any secrets from each other except for one. Women kept a shoe box in top of her closet and told her husband never to open it or ask about it. For all these years, her husband … Read more

Where Does Divinity Lie?

Divinity Lies Within Us - Spiritual Short Stories with Morals Eng

According to an old Hindu Legend, Long before there was a time when all beings on earth were GODS but they started to wrongly use their divinity. So, Brahma (the Creator) decided to take away divinity from all beings and decided to hide it somewhere they could never find it. So Brahma called council of … Read more

Teacher Student Conversation – Life Lesson Stories

Life Lesson Stories - Never Judge Anyone Short Story for Kids

“On a ship there was a pair of couple, suddenly ship met with an accident and couple had to run to life boat. After reaching there they realized that there was space only for one person. At that moment, husband pushed wife behind him and jumped on to lifeboat himself. His wife stood on sinking … Read more

Father Daughter – Dark Candle Sad Story


A man and his only little daughter used to live together. He loved her daughter a lot and lived his life only for her. One day his daughter became ill and her dad provided her with all best physicians and doctors together back to health but nothing healed her to health. All the efforts of … Read more

Story of Two Pebbles – Interesting and Inspiring

Many years ago there was a small village, there a farmer was owing a large some of money to village moneylender. Due to misfortune farmer was unable to pay the amount. Moneylender always fancied farmers daughter so he purposed a bargain. He said he would forget farmer’s debt if he could marry farmer’s daughter. Both … Read more

Three Rich Man and Their Kindness

Helping Other Stories - Best Generosity Stories for Kids

Once upon a time there was a village which was facing great poverty. One day three rich men and their servants were traveling on the same road, on their way they came to this poor village. Seeing the poverty of village all the three men thought of helping the people of village. The first man … Read more

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