Trust in God Stories..

Trust in God Stories - Best Moral Stories About God in English

Story 1. Trust in God!! An emperor asked to Monk, “I would like to see your God. How can i see it?” Monk replied, “It’s impossible! You cannot see God.” Listening to this reply emperor questioned, “Impossible? If i can not see God, Hoe can i entrust my life to God?” “Ok, Can you show … Read more

How to be a Good Learner!!

How to be a Good Learner - Zen Learning Stories for Life Lessons

Story 1: Professor Question.. A university professor came to a Japanese master to Question About Zen. Japanese master greeted him. Before they could start to talk about Zen Japanese master invited professor for tea. At the table both were sitting in front of each other. Master started to serve tea for professor while pouring tea … Read more

Want to be Most Powerful!!

Stone Cutter Wish Story - Stories about Wish to be Most Powerful

Once there was a stone cutter who was always dis satisfied with himself and his life. One day he was passingĀ  by a rich merchant house and when he saw important visitors there he thought to himself, “How powerful that merchant is!!” He got envious and in thought wished that if he could be like … Read more

Two Monks Conversation!!

Worse than a Clown Monks Story ZenStories Enlightenment

Story 1. Once two monks were traveling. They were going to another monastery. Due to their rules they were not even allowed to look at women. After walking for long they reached a river which they had to cross. The flow of river was so flooded that they couldn’t get across it without getting wet. … Read more

Is God Evil or Good??

Is God Evil or Good Short Story in English - Student vs Professor

Once a university professor went to a class to give lecture. Professor asked students a question. He asked, “Everything that exist is created by God??” One student stood up and answered, “Yes, it is.” Now professor asked, “If God created everything that means, God created Evil too.. And according to principal – The things we … Read more

Everything Changes!!

Everything Changes - Inspirational Zen Stories in English fr Life

Story 1. Once upon a time in a village lived a old farmer who used to work very hard. He had a horse. One day his horse ran away. After hearing this his neighbor came to him and said, “Such bad Luck”. Farmer replied, “Maybe.” Very Next morning the horse returned with three other wild … Read more

What’s Solution? Motivational Story

Importance of Doing Good Things - Short Stories for Motivation

One day for the first time, i was preparing fresh lime water. While preparing i ended up adding five time the lemon juice amount than it needed. Resulting lime water was disaster. It was so sour that no one could even take one sip of it. Now, i had to make it right anyhow. I … Read more

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