Short Moral Stories - Positive Attitude Moral Stories

Reaction or Response Stories

Story 1: World is a Mirror..!! Once there was a museum in which there was a room which was made of mirrors. Its wall, roof and even floor was made of mirrors. One day care taker of that museum forgot to lock the back door of museum which lead directly to that mirror room. A…

Short Moral Stories for Adults - Learning from Kids Short Stories for Adults

Judging Other’s – Train Journey.!

Seema boarded on train with her 5yr old daughter. It was her first travel through train. Train was very crowded and it was very difficult to even pass through lanes between seats. Seema clutched hands of her daughter fearing that crowd could pull her daughter away. When train started to move a snack vendor came…

Parents Love Short Story - Heart Touching Story about Parents and Child

Giving Tree.! Parents Love

Once on country side lived a family in big house where there was big apple tree in the front yard. In family there was a little boy who used to play around that tree every day. That little boy and tree used to talk and play all the time when boy was kid. Time passed…

Short Stories about Karma - Short Moral Stories for Children to Learn Good

Karma Stories – Lost Mobile.!

A 15 years old kid name sonu was returning home from play. On his way back home he saw a boy crying. Sonu asked boy, “Why are you crying?” That boy wiped his tears and sobbingly said, “I lost my new mobile. I am from a poor family yet my father bought me a mobile….

Thinking Wisely Stories - Father Daughter Short Motivational Story English

Farmer Heir – Thinking Wisely Story

Once in a village lived a rich farmer with his four daughter. All his daughter were married and were happily living their life. Farmer was getting old and there was no one else to look after his property. So one day farmer thought of testing capability of his daughters so that he can decide what…

Trust in God Stories - Dont Lose Hope in Difficult Times Best Moral Stories

God Stories – Footprints on Beach.!

One night a man saw a dream. In his dream he was walking beside God on the beach. After walking some distance man and God stopped and rested for a while. Mean while man saw that all the scene from his life were flashing in the sky and just below them on the beach he…

Father Son Story with Moral - Short Moral Stories about Problems in Life

Father Son Story – Large Stone!

Once a father and son were working in garden. Child wanted to get appreciated by his father so he was trying his best to help his father by performing minor works as directed by his father. Father and his son were working on different sides of garden. Father saw a stone on his son side….

Father Son Heart Touching Story - Parents Selfless Love Short Moral Story

Father Son Heart Touching Story..!

There was a old man named James who used to live with his wife in village. His son used to live in city. James wanted to meet his son so he decided to go to city to meet his son. He was very excited to see his son but unfortunately someone else opened the door….

Sharing with Others - Sharing Goodness and Happiness with Others Moral

Share with Others – Wise Man Orchard.!

Once a wise man bought a very big and beautiful house. This house had a huge orchard in front and it filled with trees bearing lots of fruits. Wise man was good by nature and greeted everyone with love and respect. Everyone in his neighbor liked him except one of his neighbor. This neighbor was…

Stories of Guru Nanak Dev Ji - True Inspiring Stories about Doing Good

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Story – True Profit

Guru Nanaki ji father knew that Nanak ji like to communicate with people. So he decided that if Nanak ji was to learn anyway to earn money, it can be done through trading. So one day, Guru Nanak’s father gave Bhai Bala twenty rupees and said, “Go with Nanak and buy some good from market…

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