Owl and Grasshopper Story

Owl and Grasshopper Story - Moral Short Stories for KidsIt was a warm sunny day. An owl was sleeping inside his hole.

Suddenly he heard a croaking sound. Owl got disturbed and irritated, looked outside but he was not able to see in morning.

Few minutes later, he again heard a sharp croaking sound, this time he was able to realize that it was grasshopper.

Owl said to grasshopper, “Get away from here. Don’t you see i am sleeping.”

Grasshopper replied, “I am enjoying weather. I have right to sing whatever and wherever i want.”

Owl realized that it’s a waste of time to argue with grasshopper. Owl didn’t wanted to fight and sleep peacefully.

Owl thought for moment and then said to grasshopper, “Don’t take me wrong. You sing very well. Your voice is very melodious and is echoing in the whole surrounding. You are king of all singers.

I have never heard such melodious voice but you are sitting very far. I can’t hear your song clearly, can you please sing a bit louder?”

Listening to praise, grasshopper was filled with pride and started croaking in loud voice. Grasshopper croaked for long time and because of this he got tired and thirsty.

Grasshopper said to owl, “I can’t sing anymore. I am tired and thirsty.”

Owl replied, “You sing so well. Please come to my hole and give me honor to serve you water.”

Grasshopper jumped from his place and sat near owl’s hole. It was dark there so owl was able to see grasshopper.

Without wasting a single minute, owl attacked grasshopper and ate it.

One should always be Aware of Flatterers. There could be some Hidden purpose of Admiration.

Moral Stories for Kids: Short Stories – Aesop Fables

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