Old Woman Cleaning Turtle Shell! Boy Question to Her

Old Woman Cleaning Turtle Shell! Boy Question to HerEarly morning, a boy used to go for a run. During his run he would pass by a pond. Somedays, he used to see an old lady, cleaning back of small turtles living at that pond.

Boy saw her many times and started wondering what could be the reason. So, one day, boy went to old lady, greeted her and said, “Mam, i saw you many times cleaning back of turtles. Why do you do this?”

Old woman looked at boy and said, “Son, i come here every Sunday. I feel good cleaning backs of turtle and it brings me peace.”

Boy looked surprised to her this.

Woman continued, “With time dirt get accumulated on back of turtles, due to which their ability to generate heat get reduced and because of this they face difficulty in swimming and if they are not cleaned after sometime, then their shells also become weak. That’s why i come every Sunday to clean these shells.”

After hearing this boy said, “You are doing a very good work but still when you think, there are many turtles like these, there must turtles who are in worse condition than there. You can’t do this for all turtles. Even if you help some of them, you alone won’t make a big difference.”

Old woman smiled and said, “Even if it doesn’t bring big change in world but think of this one turtle, it’s whole world will be changed. It would a big thing for this one. Just thinking this gives me happiness and peace. I can’t change the world but i have changed someone’s world.”

It is possible that your small step may not bring big change in the world but it is definitely possible that someone’s life may change. Therefore¬†we should start with small change and help others.

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