Who Have Most Beautiful Hands? Old Woman Answer

Old Woman Answer - Most Beautiful HandsLong time ago, some rich and beautiful women were sitting on the bank of river enjoying picnic. After a while when they were washing their hands and feet in cool and clean water of the river, they saw their reflection.

Seeing their reflection in water, they started to admire their own beauty. Just then one of them said, “Look how beautiful my hands are.”

Second woman claimed that her hands were more beautiful. Third one claimed same thing. Soon, an argument broke out between them.

They saw that an old woman passing by. She was walking with help of stick and her clothes were dirty. She looked very tired and hungry.

Seeing her, one of rich lady suggested others to asked old lady about whose hands were most beautiful. All of them agreed. Then one of those rich woman called her. When old woman came near, all of them showed her their hands and asked, “Tell us, who have the most beautiful hands?

Old lady said, “I am very hungry and thirsty, first give me something to eat only then i will be able to answer you.”

They refused to give her any food and asked her to go away.

At some distance a poor woman was sitting and working, saw all this. She went to old lady and bought her at place where she was working and made her sit comfortably.

Then she opened her lunch box and gave old woman half of food and gave her water to drink. Then she washed old woman hands and feet and wiped them clean with her own clothes, while giving great comfort to old woman.

After elderly felt little better, she went back to those rich ladies and pointing toward that poor woman she said, “She has most beautiful hands..”

All ladies laughed and said, “What do you know about beauty!”

At this elderly replied, “Beautiful hands belong to those who do good deeds and serve the needy. Beauty of hands increase with good deeds not with ornaments.

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