Old Wife Secret Box – Funny Short Stories With a Twist

Old Wife Secret Box - Funny Short Stories With a TwistOnce there was a Man and Women married for 60yrs. During this time of their life they shared everything ad kept no secrets from each other except for one. Old lady used to keep a shoe box and told her husband not to open it or ask about it to her.

All these years they never thought or talked about box. One day lady got very sick and doctor that she is not going to recover.

After knowing this lady decided that its time to let her husband know whats in the box. She asked her husband to bring box to her bedside.

When husband opened the box he found that there were two crocheted dolls and a stack of money worth $95,000. Seeing this he got curious and asked her about the content.

She said, “When we were to be married. My grandmother told me Secret for Happy Married life was -Never to argue- And if I ever get angry after our fight then I should keep quiet and just crochet a doll.”

Old man was so moved that tears came out of his eyes. He was happy to see that there were only two crochet dolls that means his wife was just angry two times during whole time loving and living with him. He got very happy.

Then he said, “Dear, that explains dolls but what about all the money in the box? Where did it came from?

“Oh”, She smiled and said, “That’s the money I made from selling dolls..!!”

You should listen to your Elders… Be Happy!!

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