Old Man With Three Bundles and Young Man Story

Old Man With Three Bundles and Young Man StoryLong time ago, in a kingdom, after wandering here and there in search of work, a young man was returning home disappointed, when a voice came from behind, “Can i find any laborer here?”

Young man looked back and saw an old man standing there carrying three bundles.

Young man replied, “Yes! I will do the labor myself.”

Old man said, “I want to go to village a little far from here. I can carry two bundles by myself but third one is heavy. Can you carry this? I will give five rupees for it.”

Young man agreed and went toward old man and picked up the bundle and placed it on his head. But as soon as he placed he bundle, he realized its heaviness.

Young man said, “This bundle seem heavy.”

Old man whispered, “Yes. It is because it contains coins of one rupee.”

While carrying that bundle young man saw that old man was keeping eye on him.

Young man thought, “I am only concerned about my wage. How will will these coins last? May be old man is wondering that i will run away. But i do not believe in dishonesty and theft. I will not be dishonest with anyone due to greed for coins.”

While walking a river came ahead. Young man immediately went to water to cross the river but old man remained standing on bank of river.

Looking back at old man, young man asked, “What happened? Why did you stop?”

Old man replied, “I am an old man. My wrist is hurting. I can’t bear to carry two bundles through this river. If i try, i might drown in river. Can you carry one more bundle with you? Don’t worry about wage, i will give you more.”

Young man replied, “OK, sure.”

Old man said, “But, won’t you run away with this?”

Young man asked, “Why? Why would i run away?”

Old man said, “Who can we trust there days! There are silver coins in this bundle.”

Young man replied, “Do i look like a thief and dishonest person to you? Don’t worry, i am not one to cheat anyone out of greed. Come, give me this bundle.”

Saying this, young man picked up second bundle and crossed the river. Even silver coins couldn’t deter him from his honesty.

After walking a while, a hill came in front. Young man slowly started climbing the hill but old man stood still at foot of hill.

Seeing this, young man said, “Come, why did you stop again?”

Old man replied, “I am old. I can’t walk properly. On top of that, i am carrying this bundle on my waist. It is difficult to climb this hill with this bundle i ma carrying.”

Young man said, “OK, give me that bundle. I will carry it for you.”

Old man hesitatingly replied, “But there are gold coins in it. What if you run away with them. I am an old man, i can’t even run after you.”

Young man replied in bit loud voice, “I said, i am not that kind of person. It is for the sake of honesty that i have to work as laborer. Otherwise, earlier i used to work as a book keeper at a money lender’s house. He used to pressure me to cheat people by changing accounts but i refused to do so and had to leave job.”

Old man was skeptical about this but still he replied, “I don’t know whether you are telling truth or not. Well come and pick this bundle of gold coins as well. I will come slowly. You can go ahead and then wait on other side for me.”

Young man picked up the bundle and set out. Old man was left behind.

On way, it came to young man mind, “If i run away then old man will not be able to catch me and i will become rich. My wife will stop cursing me and it is foolish to reject such easy wealth. If i have money, i will get respect, luxury and comfort.”

Greed filled his heart and he ran away with those bundle of coins. He was out of breath while running, carrying load of three bundles. At last, he reached home and opened those bundle.

He was shocked to see that bundles contained lumps of clay shaped like coins. He wondered why old man needed to do such drama.

Then his wife found a paper among the pile of clay, on which it was written – This was done to find an honest security minister to protect the treasury of this state. Old man, who was carrying bundle was none other than King of this kingdom himself. If you had not escaped, you might have got that ministerial post and respect. But..

We all should be Alert. We never know when Life may Test us. We should understand that Foresight lies in holding on to Principles without giving in to Temptations.

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