Needles of Clock – Story to Motivate Yourself to Work

Needles of Clock - Story to Motivate Yourself to WorkRamu was fast asleep in his small room. Only ticking sound of clock was echoing in the quiet atmosphere of room.

There was a clock kept on table. As soon as big needle of clock met the small needle, it said, “Hey, how are you small needle?”

Small needle replied, “I am tired of walking. I don’t even get to rest for moment. Now i am bored of walking in same circle. Even his dog is sleeping but we have no rest.”

Big needle replied, “You are right. Look at Ramu, he is also sleeping. He even entrusted us with the task of waking him up in the morning. Even after waking him up, we don’t get to rest. What’s use of such life?”

Then it said, “Why don’t we stop walking?”

Small needle agreed and then both needles stopped at their places silently.

When Ramu opened his eyes in morning, he was shocked to see sunlight. He quickly looked at clock, it was still two o’clock.

Ramu got late for his work. Cursing clock he left room.

Seeing him grumbling like this, small needle laughingly said, “Today, he will understand our importance.”

When Ramu’s father saw that clock has stopped, he picked it up and took it to watchmaker.

Watchmaker opened it and inspected it closely but couldn’t find any fault. After trying to fox it for sometime, he gave that clock back and said, “Sir, nothing seems to be wrong with clock. May be it is too old to work.”

Ramu’s father brought it back and put it in junk box and left.

As soon as junk box was closed, small needle got scared and said, “Where have we come? It is very dark. I am scared.”

Big needle replied, “I am suffocating too. In what kind of prison we have been kept? Please someone take us out.”

But there was no one to listen to them.

Now, both needles were remembering time, when they used to proudly sit on table cloth, in open air room. Fresh flowers were decorated near by. Because of their constant walking, everyone would look at them as they passed by.

Thinking all this, both needles started working again. As they realized that it was better to do something than to do nothing.

Now, they were working in hope that maybe someone would hear, ticking of clock and take clock out of that box.

“Walking is life.” That means your usefulness remains as long as you are active. Only then will your life be considered successful and you yourself will enjoy that life. Therefore no one should keep his life stagnant.

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