Needle Tree and Brothers – Be Kind Always

Needle Tree and Brothers - Be Kind AlwaysLong time ago, a village was situated on the edge of a dense forest. Two brothers used to live in that village. Elder brother was selfish and greedy while younger was kind.

Younger brother loved the elder brother very much but elder would always misbehave with him.

One day elder brother went to forest to cut wood while searching here and there, his eyes fell in a tall tree. He picked up an axe to cut it.

But it was no ordinary tree but a magical tree.

As soon as elder brother was about to cut tree with axe, tree started pleading with him, “Don’t cut me. Spare me. If you don’t cut me, i will give you golden apples.”

In greed of getting golden apples, elder brother agreed. When tree gave him some golden apples, his eyes dazzled. His greed increased further. He started demanding more golden apples from the tree.

When tree refused, he threatened it, “If you don’t give me more apples, i will cut you off completely.”

Tree got angry after hearing this. It showered sharp needles on elder brother. Being pierced by thousands of needles. Elder brother shouted in pain and fell there.

Here, even after sunset, when elder brother did not come home, younger brother started worrying. He went to forest to look for him.

After reaching forest, he started searching for him. While searching, he reached near same magical tree. There he saw his elder brother lying on ground crying in pain.

He immediately reached near him and started taking needle out of his body. Seeing love of younger brother, he started regretting his behavior.

Tears flowed from his eyes and he started apologizing to his younger brother and promised to never misbehave with him again.

Younger brother hugged elder brother. When magical tree changed in the behavior of elder brother, it gave him a lot golden apples. With money received by selling those golden apples, both brothers started a business, which gradually started doing well and both brothers started living happily.

Always be Kind to others. Kindness is always Appreciated.

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