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Nasrudin Wisdom Stories with Moral - Helping Others Different PerspectiveOnce Nasirudin and friend was passing by a river and saw that a man was caught in river current and was hanging on to some rocks in order to avoid being carried away by current.

Seeing this Nasirudin friend quickly went up to help that man. He bend down and extended his arm to man and said, “Give me your hand.. so that i can help you out..

However, man didn’t cooperate. Friend was surprised and didn’t know what else to do to help that man.

Seeing this, Nasirudin came close to his friend and asked to man,”What do you do for a living?”

Man replied, “I am a tax collector..”

Listening to this reply Nasirudin bend down and extended his hand to man saying, “Then take my hand..

This time man cooperated and was able to get out of river.

After that man left. Nasirudin’s friend asked, “How come he didn’t take my hand for help and when you asked he cooperated?”

Nasirudin smiled and replied, “He is a tax collector and tax collector speaks language of Take not the language of Give..”

Many times we try to Help people but they Don’t Cooperate, It’s not because one is not doing enough to Help but because Person who needs Help wouldn’t understand what you are saying or doing to Help him.

It’s Because everyone Understand anything from their Own Perspective. Sometimes we Need to change our way to Help so that Person can Accept that help.

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