Nasrudin Stories – Honest Smuggler..!

Nasrudin Stories - Nasrudin and Border Inspector Funny Witty Story in EngOnce Nasrudin was leading a donkey that had bundle of wooden sticks on it’s back across the border. There inspector stopped Nasrudin for inspection.

Inspector asked, “What is your business here?”
Nasrudin replied, “I am an honest smuggler..”

Inspector was surprised at reply and responded, “Really?? Ok then let me search everything and if i find something then you have to pay border fees..”

Nasrudin replied, “Sure.. Do as you wish.. but i can assure you that you will find nothing..”

Inspector intensively searched and took apart everything but still couldn’t find any thing. At end he allowed Nasrudin to pass border saying, “I suppose you have managed to get by me today..”

Next week again Nasrudin came with donkey carrying bundle of straws. When inspector saw him, he recognized Nasrudin and thought to himself, “This time i will get him for sure..”

Inspector thoroughly checked through bundle of straws and then even searched Nasrudin clothing but still couldn’t find anything. Even this time he had to let Nasrudin pass through border.

This continued for several years but inspector couldn’t find anything. With every passing year Nasrudin wore more and more extravagant clothing and jewelry that indicated he was getting wealthier.

Eventually inspector retired from his long time job yet he couldn’t forgot about Nasrudin.

One day inspector spotted Nasrudin in market. Inspector stopped him and said, “I know you..!! You are that person who used to pass by border with donkey carrying bundles of straws or wooden sticks..”

Inspector said to him, “Please sir.. I can we talk for minute..?”

Nasrudin agreed.

Inspector questioned, “I always wondered what you were smuggling past my border everyday.. Now i m retired.. I must know.. Please tell me what you smuggled all those years..”

Nasrudin smiled and replied, “Donkeys..”

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