Nails Pricking and Dog Crying – Deep Meaning

Nails Pricking and Dog Crying - Deep MeaningA young man shifted to his new house. He really liked his new house and its atmosphere. But still there was one thing which was bothering him.

Ever since he had come, sound of a dog crying, had been troubling him continuously. Young man thought that dog cry would stop after a while but this didn’t happen.

Rather sound of dog crying kept coming throughout the day. Even next day, dog’s cry didn’t stop. Young man couldn’t take it anymore.

He got out of house and went in direction of sound. He reached house where he saw that a man was sitting in veranda reading newspaper and near by a dog was sitting on wooden slab crying.

Young man approached that man and said, “Sir, your dog has been crying a lot since yesterday.”

“Yeah, I know.”, replied that man.

Young man said, “Then, haven’t you tried to find out what’s wrong with it. If you know what’s his problem then you can help and he would stop crying.”

“Oh.. I know the problem. It’s just that dog is sitting on top of a nail and that nail is hurting in it’s stomach. that’s why he is crying.”, replied man.

Young man was surprised to hear the answer and said, “If so, why doesn’t it get up from this place?”

“Because for long time this has been place for his rest but yesterday there was a nail stuck there and when he sat there it pricked him, still it wouldn’t move from there. May be it’s not hurting him too much right now. When pain will go beyond his limit, he will leave himself.”, replied man.


**Like that dog, We all are sitting on prickly nails in our life.

Some of us are sitting on the pricking nails of jobs. We are not satisfied with our nature of job, we are not happy with the behavior and work environment of the boss. The salary that we are getting is very less than our hard work. There are very few opportunities for growth and development in that job. Because of this, we keep complaining about the job every day. But even after so many complaints, one goes on doing the job.

Some are sitting on the pricking nails of relationships. Many are trapped in an abusive relationship with no love and respect in that relationship. Many are troubled by the distance coming in relationships, while many are sad about the deception of their partners. But knowing everything, one is suffering everything.

There are many nails which keep pricking us. Many nails like health, family, friendship, bad habits. There are some such nails in everyone’s life, which keep bothering with their prick. Some are being pricked by one nail, while some have to bear the prick of many nails at once.

But we do nothing to get rid of those nails, because we feel that their prick or pain is not so much right now. We go on tolerating that prick till it becomes unbearable. Remedy to get rid of the prick of such nails should be done immediately, because delay increases the problem.

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