Murli Mountaineering with his Friends – Little More Effort

Murli Mountaineering with his Friends - Little More EffortEvery year during summer holidays, Murli used to go for mountaineering with his friends. This year also he made plans with his friends.

On reaching place, guide took them to a famous mountaineering spot. On reaching there Murli and his friends found that place was crowded which they didn’t expect.

A friend said, “There is city like crowd here. What’s fun in climbing here!!”

“What can be do? We have already come here, so what is the use of regret. Let’s enjoy”, replied Murli.

All friends started climbing and reached the top of hill in no time.

There was already an influx of people there. Friends thought that they would camp there for three to four hours and then go back.

Just then Murli pointed to a peak in front and said, “Wait, wait.. look at peak. Only a handful of people are visible there. It would be fun. Why don’t we go there?”

One of his friend said, “There! but.. I have heard about that hill, path to that hill is very difficult and only a few lucky people can reach there.”

Some people standing next to them, said, “Brother, If i was so easy to go there, why we all would have come here!”

But Murli didn’t listen to anyone and went alone towards the top and after three hours he was on top of that hill.

On reaching there, people already present welcomed him. Murli was also happy to reach there, he could enjoy beauty of nature in peace.

On way back, Murli asked rest of people, “Tell me one thing.. In my opinion, It was not so difficult to reach here. One who can reach that crowded peak, if he works a little more, he can also reach this peak.

Then why is it that there are hundred of people there and only handful of people here.”

One of those people there, said, “Because most of people become happy with what they get easily. They do not have intention to get more than this. They do not want to risk to get more.. They are afraid that in pursuit of more, what if i lose what i already have.

While reality is that it takes just a little more effort to reach the next peak or next destination.

But due to not being able to show courage. Most people just remain a part of crowd for whole life and keep comforting themselves by calling those handful of people who show courage as lucky.”

If till date you have been holding yourself back from taking, next bold step, then do it, because all it takes is a little more effort to reach the next destination. A little more courage can take you out of crowd and join those handful of people whom world calls lucky.

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