Mulla Nasrudin Wisdom Tales

Mulla Nasrudin Tales - Wisdom Very Short Stories of Nasrudin in EnglishStory 1: What is Fate?

Once a man asked Nasrudin, “What is meaning of Fate?”

“Assumptions”,he replied.

Man questioned again, “in what way?”

Nasrudin looked at him and said, “Sometimes you assume things are going to go well but they don’t.. that time you call it bad luck..

Then sometimes you assumes things are going to go badly but they don’t.. that time you call it good luck..

Most time we assume that certain things are going to happen or not happen because you don’t know what is going to happen..

You assume that future is unknown and when you are caught out – you call that Fate..


Story 2: Nasrudin Turban..!!
Once an illiterate man came to Nasruddin with a letter he had received.

He said, “Please read this letter to me..”

Nasrudin took letter and looked at it but the couldn’t understand a single word. So he told that man, “I am sorry but i can not read this…”

Man cried, “For shame.. Mullah Nasrudin..!!! You must be ashamed before the turban you wear (i.e. the sign of education)”

Just then Nasrudin removed his turban from his own head and placed it on that man’s head and said, “There.. now you wear the turban.. If it gives some knowledge then read letter yourself..!!”

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