Why We Shout in Anger?

Why We Shout in Anger Story - Anger Management Stories

A Hindu saint was visiting to river Ganga to take bath. There he found a group of Family on the banks shouting at each other in anger. After seeing this Saint turned towards his disciples smiled and asked, “Tell me Why do people Shout at Each other?” All disciples thought for a while and then … Read more

Young Man And Little Boy Conversation..!!

Young Man N Little Boy - Short Stories on Life Experiences

About ten years ago, A very successful young man was passing by a street in neighborhood in his only two month sleek and black Jaguar. He was going much faster. He was watching kids playing there and slowed down his car as he thought he saw something. As his car passed suddenly a brick sailed … Read more

The Fat Lady Story..!!

The Fat Lady Story - Motivational Life Short Stories in English

Story of guy who met a very healthy woman in flight. Squeezing herself into the seat she smiled and said, “Hi, how are you? Not in mood to talk to any stranger he ignored. Women repeated her greeting in friendly voice, leaning toward the guy forcing him to look at her. Guy replied with, “Hi.” … Read more

Mother’s Love for Her Son

Mother's Love - Mother and Son Heart Touching Story

There was a Kid who lived with his mother. Kid used to hate her mother because she had only one eye. He used to feel embarrassed. Mother used to work as cook to support the family and his kid studies. One day mother went to kid school to meet him but kid was so embarrassed. … Read more

Grasshopper And Ants Story..!!

Grasshopper And Ants Story - Hard work motivational stories

One sunny day in winter, a Grasshopper was enjoying the warm sunlight but he was feeling very hungry. So, he was looking around to find something to eat but he could find anything to eat. Suddenly he saw ants carrying their food to their hole. After seeing this for a while he went up to … Read more

God’s Reply to Lazy Farmer Story

Lazy Farmer Story - Short Stories About Laziness in English

Once in a village, it was raining whole night. Roads in that village were muddy and there were pot holes in the way and due to rain they were filled to brim. Next day, Manu ( the farmer ) had to go to market early to sell his goods. For horses it was really difficult … Read more

Little Boy – Helping Others Short Story

Helping Others Short Stories - Best Short Moral Story fr Kids

Once in a village, there was a poor family. There was a small boy named Manu in this family. One day he was crossing forest carrying some woods on his shoulders. In the ways he saw an old man who was very hungry. Boy wanted to give food to told man but he wasn’t having … Read more

Kid Judo Class – Story About Strength And Weakness

Kid Judo Class - Short Story About Strength And Weakness

A Little boy who was just 10 years old lost his left arm in an accident. Despite that he decided to learn Judo. He started his lessons with an old Japanese master. The boy was learning well. One thing that bothered him that it’s been three month and his master had taught him only one … Read more

Do Good Have Good Moral Story

Do Good Have Good Moral Story - Motivational Short Stories

One day a man saw an old lady, standing on the side of the road and he could see that she needed some help. So he stopped right in front of her Mercedes and got out. Old lady saw the man even with the smile on her face, she seemed worried. Man could see that … Read more

Bad Habit Short Story – Motivational

Bad Habits Short Story - Best Motivational Stories for Kids

An Old scholar got a request from a wealthy man to wean his son away from his bad habits. Scholar accepted man’s request and went to see his son. The scholar took boy for a stroll through garden. Suddenly scholar stopped and asked boy to pull out a tiny paint growing there. Obeying him boy … Read more

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