Shark in the Tank – Never Give Up!!

Never Give Up Stories - Best Motivational Short Story

For research some marine biologist started to do an experiment. For this they place a Shark into large tank and then released several small fishes in the same tank. As shark and fished were left in tank after sometime shark swam around and attacked around and ate all the small fishes. Now, next time biologist … Read more

You Will Never Lose Your Value

Best Moral Stories - Motivational Short Stories for Kids

A very well known speaker started his seminar holding a note of Rs100. In that seminar room there were total 200 people. Now looking at the people he asked, “Who would like to have this 100rs bill (note)?” Hands started to go up. Now he said, “I will give you this but let me first … Read more

Young Man Lost Opportunity!!

Short Story about Opportunity - Stories About Management

It’s a story of young man who wanted to marry beautiful daughter of farmer. He went to father to ask for permission to marry his daughter. Farmer looked at him and said, “I will allow you to marry my daughter but you have to fullfil one condition.” Further he continued and told him condition, “Son … Read more

Story of Two Frogs in Milk

Story of Two Frogs in Milk - Never Lose Hope Story

In a pond lived two frogs. One day while playing on a rainy day slowly they hopped and hopped entered a house. As they hopped more they fell into the large tall can of milk. Both frogs were sinking inside the can. Both frogs tried to swim and get out of can for sometimes but … Read more

Father Gift for Son – Heart Touching Father and Son Story

A young man was soon going to graduate college. For many months he used to admire a very beautiful sports car. He knew that his father can afford it so he told him that he wanted that car. As graduation day was near he awaited for signs that his father has bought that car for … Read more

Little Boy Ice Cream Tip Story – Heart Touching

Little Boy Ice Cream Tip Story - Heart Touching

A 9 year old boy went to an Ice cream shop. There he sat on table and waiter came. Waiter: What do you want?? Boy: Can you tell me how much an ice cream cone cost?? Waiter: Rs 15/- After knowing rate boy checked his pocket for money. After checking it he asked waiter for … Read more

Trust in God.. Must Share Best Inspirational Story

Trust in God Must Share Best Inspirational Story

A man who just got married was returning home with his wife. As they were on their way back to home crossing a lake in boat, suddenly a great storm arose. The man was warrior and calm but his wife was very much afraid. She seemed almost hopeless. The boat on which they both were … Read more

Life is Beautiful Live it to the Fullest

Life is Beautiful Live it to the Fullest

Once upon a time in a small village lived a very wise man. He was head of local administration and was respected by all. People used to come to him at times to seek good advise on different aspects of life. But ironically his own son was lazy and nothing was there to make difference … Read more

Caring for Friends Best Story


In a battle, while a soldier was preparing to bring back his wounded friend from the field. Seeing this his Captain said, “Its of no use, Your friends must be dead by time you reach him.” But soldier still goes and bring back his friend. Seeing dead body of his Friend on his shoulder Captain … Read more

Japanese Fishing Co. Solution Story.. Must Read

Japanese Fishing Story Motivational Management Stories

How Resources, Skills and Abilities Make a Difference. Japanese loved fresh fish but for decades close by water has not held many fishes. So to feed Japanese population, Fishing boats got bigger and went further and further than before. Further the fisherman went for fishing, more time it took them to bring back the fish. … Read more

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