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A collection of short motivational stories that has a power to uplift your mind and soul. These motivating stories will fill your heart with hope and optimism.

Unhappy Old Man Story - Motivational Stories for Adults

Old Man/ Wise Man Story – Motivational Stories for Adults

Story 1: Unhappy Old Man..! Once in a village lived an old man who was considered himself most unfortunate person in the world. He would always stay gloomy and constantly complained and was always in bad mood. Whole Village was tired of his this behavior. Longer he lived, more he became bile and more poisonous…

Young Man Interview - Appreciating Parents Efforts Inspiring

Young Man Interview – Appreciating Parents Efforts

Once a young man went to apply for a managerial position in a big company. He passed written exam as well as initial interview. Now, he had to go for final interview for which he had to face an interview with Director of company. Director discovered from young man’s CV that his academic achievements were…

Using All Your Strength - Father Son Story

Using All Your Strength – Father Son Motivational Story

Once a young boy and his father were walking along a forest path. At one point, they came across a large tree branch on the ground in front of them. Seeing that, boy asked his father, “If i try, do you think i could move that branch?” Father replied, “I am sure you can, if…

Painter Job and Hole in Boat - Small Help Heartwarming Story

Painter Job and Hole in Boat – Inspiring Story

Once a boat owner decided to get his boat paint. So one day, he called a painter and asked him to paint his boat. Painter bought with him paint and brushes and began to paint boat with bright red color as owner asked him. While painting boat, he realized that there was a hole in…

Sculptor Reply - Excellence in Work Inspirational Story

Best Moral Stories – Excellence in Work and Honesty Story

Story 1: Sculptor Reply..! Excellence in Work Once a man visited a temple under construction in India. There he saw a sculptor making an Idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying near by. Surprised he asked to sculptor, “Do you need two statues of same idol?” Without even looking up, busy with…

Wife's Encouraging Words for Husband - Never Give Up Story

Wife’s Encouraging Words – Never Give Up Story

Once in a city, lived a married young man with his wife. After marriage, young man started working as a teacher in primary school. But due to lack of experience, soon he was squashed by students in less than a week. When he returned home, he cried. His wife comforted him saying, “When one is…

Man Lost in Desert Story - Leap of Faith Encouraging Moral Story

Man Lost in Desert Story

Once a man got lost in desert. Water in his flask had run out two days ago. He knew if soon he doesn’t find water, he will die surely. Just then man saw a small hut ahead. He thought it may be a hallucination but he had no other option. So, he moved forward in…

King and His Minister Story - Trust God Motivational Short Story

King and His Minister Story – Trust God

Once upon a time lived a King who was very Kind and took care of his Kingdom people very well. One day, he was cutting an apple and accidentally he cut hi finger. King cried aloud, just then one of his minister who was present at that time, came toward King. Minister took a piece…

Poor Farmer Loss - Never too Late to Start Motivational Story

Poor Farmer Loss – Never too Late to Start

Once upon a time, a King went for hunting but it got late. While returning back, because of dark he was unable to find his way. He forgot his way and at last he found a small hut. King went and knocked on door and asked for shelter. That hut belonged to a poor farmer….

Farmer and Ghost Story - Creative Problem Solution

Farmer and Ghost Story

Once upon a time, a farmer and his wife used to live in a village. One day, he was ploughing his fields, suddenly he heard a sharp sound. When farmer checked, he found a small iron pot with a lid on it, buried under the soil. Farmer took pot to his house and showed it…