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A collection of short motivational stories that has a power to uplift your mind and soul. These motivating stories will fill your heart with hope and optimism.

Burning Hut on Island - Man Complain to God

Burning Hut on Island – Man Complain to God

Caught in a storm, a sea ship got destroyed. All passengers in it were drowned in the sea, except one man. By grace of God he somehow survived and came to shore of the sea. When his unconsciousness broke and his eyes opened, he found himself on a desolate deserted island. As soon as man…

Boys Challenge to Monk - Story about Belief

Boys Challenge to Monk – Story about Belief

Once, there was a drought in a village. The crops were drying up due to lack of rain. The villagers were worried and sad. They felt that the entire crop would be ruined. Then one day a Monk came to the village and started dancing with enthusiasm. Anyone who saw him in the village would…

Teacher Lesson about Failure - Try Again

Why Try Again? Teacher Lesson about Failure

Ramu started a business with great enthusiasm but just after few months, his business went under. After that, time passed but Ramu didn’t started any new work. His teacher got to knew about his situation and called him to his home. Teacher welcomed Ramu and they talked for bit about each other well being. Then…

Seth Answer to Mahatma's Question (Must Read)

Seth Answer to Mahatma’s Question (Must Read)

Once in a city lived a Seth (Rich man) who was pious. Whenever any Mahatma or Sadhu visited his city, he would invite them to his house and serve them. One day, a Mahatma came to Seth’s house. Seth and Sethani (Rich man wife) welcomed Mahatma and served him food. After some time, Seth went…

Young Man Wish to Meet King!

Young Man Wish to Meet King – Deep Meaning

Once son of a poor widow, saw King. Seeing the King, he asked his mother, “Mother will i ever be able to talk to King?” Mother didn’t say anything. One day, boy came to know that a saint had come to their village. So young man went to saint and told him about his wish…

Wise Old Man and Broken Vase Story

Wise Old Man and Broken Vase Story

Once there used to be a king, who was considered eccentric by all because he used to give death penalty to anyone even on smallest mistakes. In the palace of the King, 20 vases were decorated very beautifully and King loved to show this collection to his guests. One day while cleaning, a vase fell…

Placing Label on Someone - Teacher Lesson

Placing Label on Someone – Teacher Lesson

Once in a class, a student thought to play a prank on one of his classmate. He took a paper and wrote on it – I am Stupid and then he took that paper and stuck it on the back of his classmate, without getting noticed. When other students saw this, he asked them not…

Troubles in Life Trust in God Husband Wife Story

Troubles in Life? Trust God.. Husband Wife Story

A devout Indian couple used to live in England. Husband was running a successful business. But one day husband suffered a big loss in business, losing all his money. From that day onward, his interest in eating, drinking, family and everything ended. He would stay immersed in just worry round the clock. His wife was…

Falcon Baby Living with Chicks - Life Lesson

Falcon Baby Living with Chicks!! Life Lesson

Once a farmer found an egg of a bird and he took it to his farm and put it with hen’s egg. Hen started incubating that egg with it’s other eggs. In few days chicks came out of hen’s egg and falcon baby came out of that egg. Falcon baby started growing up with chicks….

Fox Getting Rid of Lice! Deep Meaning Story

Fox Getting Rid of Lice! Deep Meaning Story

Once upon a time, in a forest lived a fox, whose fur became home to some lice. In sometime, thousands of lice were all over his body. It became terrible for fox. He rubbed and scratched, did everything to get rid of lice but couldn’t. One day, fox went to pond to drink water. As…

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