Fish and Monkey Comparison! Motivational

Motivational Story - Fish and Monkey Story to Teach Lesson for Better LifeOne day while fish was swimming closer to river bank it heard a voice saying, “How is the water??”

Fish raised her head upward to see that there was monkey sitting on on tree. Fish smiled and replied, “Water is nice and warm.”

Monkey felt little jealous and wanted to put fish down. He replied, “You should come out of water and climb up this tree. View from here is really amazing.”

Fish replied with sadness, “I don’t know how to climb tree and i cannot survive without water.”

Seeing fish sad face monkey made fun of fish saying,”You are totally worthless if you cannot even climb a tree.”

After hearing this remark fish started to think about it day and night became extremely depressed. It started thinking to herself, “May be monkey is right. I am worthless if i can not even climb a tree.”

Another fish in river noticed that fish was looking all depressed and asked it for reason of depression.

Fish told her everything about monkey and his comment. After listening to this another fish laughed and said, “If monkey things you are worthless because you don’t know how to climb a tree then even monkey is worthless as it cannot swim or live under water..”

Hearing this fish realized how gifted it was and it was wrong of her to think of herself as worthless as monkey said.

Few days later monkey slipped and fell into water and died as it didn’t know how to swim. After knowing about monkey’s demise fish felt thankful to nature and was happy to have such amazing ability.

People tend to think of Themselves based on Judgment of Other’s. We should not let our self Down just because Some other person think Less of us. We should try our best and do what we are capable of doing.

Only way to Realize our True potential is to become Self aware. The more awareness we bring into our mind and body, the more we realize our True Potential.

As Einstein quote, “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

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  1. really an inspiring story. I love it. nowadays everyone is busy comparing with others and feeling bad for not have all that they have. but one should know that everyone is made for the different race. I am going to share this with my friends. keep it up. keep the nice work.


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