Motivational Quotes by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

19 Motivational Quotes by Dr APJ Abdul KalamGod, our Creator, has stored within our Minds and Personalities, Great Potential, Strength and Ability. Prayer helps us Tap and develop these Powers.

For Great men, Religion is a way of Making Friends, Small people make Religion a Fighting tool.

Never stop Fighting until you arrive at your Destined place – that is, the Unique you. Have an Aim in Life, continuously acquire Knowledge, Work hard and have Perseverance to realize the Great Life.

I am not a Handsome guy but I can give my Hand-to-some one who needs Help. Beauty is in the Heart not in the Face.

Thinking is Progress. Non-thinking is Stagnation of the individual, organization and the country. Thinking leads to Action. Knowledge without action is Useless and Irrelevant. Knowledge with action converts Adversity into Prosperity.

Let us Sacrifice our Today so that our Children can have a Better tomorrow.

Look at the Sky. We are not Alone. The whole Universe is Friendly to us and Conspires only to give the Best to those who Dream and Work.

It means, People who are in High and Responsible positions, If they go against Righteousness, Righteousness itself will get Transformed into a Destroyer.

Have Courage to Think differently, Courage to Invent, to travel the Unexplored path, Courage to discover the Impossible and to Conquer the Problems and Succeed. These are Great qualities that they must Work towards.

The Youth need to be Enabled to become Job generators from Job seekers.

While Children are Struggling to be Unique, the World around them is Trying all means to make them Look like Everybody else.

Let me define a Leader. He must have Vision and Passion and not be Afraid of any Problem. Instead, He should know how to Defeat it. Most importantly, He must Work with Integrity.

For Success of any Mission, It is necessary to have Creative Leadership. Creative leadership is Vital for Government, Non-governmental organizations as well as for Industries.

All wars signify the Failure of conflict Resolution mechanisms and They need post-war Rebuilding of Faith, Trust and Confidence.

War is Never a Lasting solution for any Problem.

Where there is Righteousness in the Heart, There is Beauty in the Character. When there is Beauty in the Character, there is Harmony in the Home. When there is Harmony in the Home, there is Order in the Nation. When there is Order in the Nation, there is Peace in the World.

In a Democracy, the Well-being, Individuality and Happiness of every Citizen is important for the Overall prosperity, Peace and Happiness of the nation.

Nations consist of People. And with their Effort, a Nation can Accomplish all it could ever Want.

If a Country is a Corruption – Free and Beautiful, to make the Land of those who Mind, I firmly Believe that these Three Prominent members of Society: Father, Mother and Master.

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