19 Motivational Quotes by Bruce Lee

Motivational Quotes by Bruce Lee - Improve Life Quality Inspiring QuotesLife’s Battles don’t always go to the Stronger or Faster man. But sooner or Later the man who Wins, is the man who Thinks he Can.

For it is Easy to Criticize and Break down the Spirit of others but to Know yourself takes a Lifetime.

Always be Yourself, Express Yourself, have Faith in Yourself, Do not go out and Look for a Successful Personality and Duplicate it.

If you Spend too much time Thinking about a Thing, You will Never get it Done. Make at least one Definite move Daily toward your Goal.

Never waste Energy on Worries or Negative thoughts.. All problems are brought into Existence – Drop them.

Choose the Positive. You have Choice, You are Master of your Attitude, Choose the Positive, the Constructive. Optimism is a Faith that Leads to Success.

If there is a God, He is Within. You don’t ask God to Give you things, You depend on God for your Inner theme.

Life is Never Stagnation. It is Constant movement, Un-rhythmic movement, as we as Constant change. Things live by Moving and Gain strength as they Go.

Notice that the Stiffest tree is most easily Cracked while the Bamboo or Willow survives by Bending with the Wind.

Everything you do, if not in a Relaxed state will be done at a Lesser level than You are Proficient.

Learning is Never Cumulative, It is a Movement of knowing which has No beginning and No end.

The Consciousness of Self is the Greatest Hindrance to the Proper Execution of all Physical Action.

Do not allow Negative thoughts to Enter your Mind for they are the Weeds that Strangle Confidence.

It is Not how much you have Learned but how much you have Absorbed in what you have Learned.

Choice less Awareness – Do not Condemn, Do not Justify. Awareness works only if it’s allowed Free play without Interference.

Loneliness is only an Opportunity to Cut adrift and Find yourself. In Solitude you are Least alone. Make Good use of it.

Humility forms the Basis of Honor, Just as the Low ground forms the Foundation of a High elevation.

Any Idea that is constantly held in the Mind and Emotionalized, Begins at once to Clothe itself in the most Convenient and Appropriate physical form that is Available.

You can never Step in the same River twice, My friend. Like Flowing water, Life is Perpetual movement. There is Nothing fixed.

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