King and Old man Story – Expectations

Moral Stories for Expectations - Deep Meaning Encouraging Short StoriesOnce in a winter time, King was roaming outside his palace. At night when he was entering his palace, he saw an old man at the entry gate of palace.

When King got close he saw that he was an old man who was wearing very thin cloths which were not even warm. King was surprised to see that how that old man was able to keep up in that cold water even in those clothes.

So he stopped near that old man and said, “Aren’t you feeling cold?”

Old man replied, “I am feeling cold but what to do?? I don’t have any warm clothes to wear. For many years i am living bearing this cold weather without warm clothes. God gives me strength to bear this and live through winter time. ”

King felt pity and said, “Don’t worry.. You wait here and i will send someone with warm clothes for you..”

Old man felt happy and thanked King for his kindness.

King entered palace.. But as soon as he entered palace, he forget about his talk with old man and got busy with his routine.

Next morning, when soldier came out, they saw cold stricken body of that old man. Beside his body was a message written on ground by that old man before dying.

Message on ground was: “Long live King.. I had been living wearing these thin clothes in such cold weather But last night your promise of giving me a warm uniform took my life..”

Expectations from Others can become reason of Weakness if not met. Therefore, One should Learn to Live on his Own Strength, One’s real Strength is giv

en to him by God.. God is only one who will always be there for you in life and after life..

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