Monk’s Solution for Rich Man Fear of Death!

Monk's Medicine for Rich Man Fear of Death!Once a rich man used to live in a city. He had established his business even in foreign countries. With time he became one of the richest person in his country.

He bought many properties and had his house built like a palace. He started to live a comfortable life with his big family.

One day, his friend visited him and while talking he said, “You know richest man of our state passed away because of heart attack yesterday and all his earning and properties were left behind.”

His friend shared this news naturally but listening to this rich man’s mind was shaken.

Rich man started thinking, “One day i will die too and everything thing will be left here..” and from that moment thoughts of death started troubling him.

He got sick because of worry. He couldn’t tell anyone about reason of his inner sorrow. Slowly he got so ill that he had to go on bed rest. Many treatment were done but nothing helped.

One day a monk came to his house. Man fell at his feet and crying, he told him about reason of his agony.

Hearing this, Monk laughed and said, “Treatment of your disease is very easy.”

Rich man being impatient, asked, “Please tell me..”

Monk said, “Look, when the thought of death comes to mind, say it loud.. Till Death Comes, I Will Live.. Do this for 7 days, i will come next week… And remember never stop doing good deed and charity.”

After 7 days, when Monk came, what he see that rich man has come out of the clutches of illness and is humming with joy.

Seeing this Monk, rich man ran and fell at his feet and said, “You saved me.. You medicine had magic effect on me. I understood that.. day death come, i will die that day only.. not before that..”

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