Monkey and Crocodile Story

Monkey and Crocodile Story - Jataka Tales Moral Short Stories for KidsOnce in a jungle, a monkey used to live on mango tree which was near a river where lived a crocodile and his wife.

One day crocodile went to monkey and asked for mangoes. Monkey happily gave him mangoes. Soon, crocodile and monkey became friends.

Crocodile started to eat mangoes instead of swans or any other animal. Soon, he started to bring mangoes for his wife also instead of any other animal.

Wife didn’t like that. She knew about her husband friendship with monkey and didn’t like their friendship either. So she devised a plan to kill monkey.

In morning, she pretended to get serious illness and said to her husband that she might die if she didn’t eat heart of monkey as medicine. Crocodile decided to kill his friend to save his wife.

Crocodile went to monkey and said, “My friend, you always gave me such sweet mangoes. I never gave you anything in return. Today i want to give you party. Will you come with me to my house?”

Monkey agreed.

Crocodile said, “Come on! Sit on my back and i will bring you to my house.”

Monkey jumped and sit on back of crocodile. Crocodile started to swim across river. Just when they were in middle of river. Crocodile started to go deep in river.

Monkey started to struggle.

Monkey said, “What are you doing? Do you want to kill me?”

Crocodile replied, “I am sorry, i have no choice. My wife is sick and she needs your heart for medicine.”

Monkey understood that it was his wife’s trick to get monkey killed.

Just then monkey replied, “You are my friend. I will sacrifice myself for you. You can take my heart.”

Crocodile replied, “Are you sure?”

Just then monkey started to tap his right side chest and said, “If you kill me right here then you wont be able to get my heart.”

Crocodile questioned, “Why?”

Monkey replied, “Because my heart is not here.”

Crocodile asked, “Then where is your heart?”

Monkey replied, “You know that i always jump from one tree to another tree and it’s too risky too take my heart with me everywhere. Therefore i left my heart at mango tree.

I can bring you my heart but for that you have to take me back to mango tree.”

Crocodile agreed and brought monkey back to mango tree. As soon as they got to mango tree, monkey climbed up on tree and jumped from a branch to another.

After getting away, monkey said to crocodile, “Tell your wife that she has no Heart..!! You betrayed me. You don’t know meaning of friendship. Leave now. I have nothing to give you.”

Crocodile understood his mistake and left.

When facing Problem, One must stay Calm and find a way. One must take Responsibility to Overcome Problems. Blaming other does not work to Survive.

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