Monk Question – Why People Shout at Other When Angry?

Monk Question to Disciple - Why People Shout at Other When Angry!One day, a monk with his disciple reached bank of river. There they saw that, some people of a family were talking and suddenly started shouting at each other in anger.

Seeing this monk asked his disciple, “Why people shout at each other, when angry?”

Disciples replied, “Because person loses his peace in anger.”

Monk asked, “But when other person is standing right in front of us, then what is need to shout at him? We can say whatever we want in a low voice.”

Disciple couldn’t answer.

Monk explained, “When two people are angry with each other, their hearts become far away from each other and in that state they cannot hear each other without shouting. Angrier they get, greater the distance between them and louder they will have to shout.”

Then monk continued, “What happens when two people are in love? Then they do no shout but talk slowly, because their heart are close, distance between them remains negligible.

And what happens when they start loving each other too much? Then they don’t even speak, they just look at each other and understand what the other person is saying.”

In anger, don’t let your heart get distant. Don’t say words, that could create more distance or else there will be so much distance that there will be no path left to return to.

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