Monk Carrying Big Load – Burden or Joy??

Monk Carrying Big Load - Burden or JoyOnce upon a time, in a village lived a monk who used to carry a big bag with him. He went around to beg for food and would accept only what he needed for day.

He would never ask for money or accept it. Rather than that, Only thing he would ask for while begging, were toys and sweets along with food.

Those who respected him would sometimes give him toys and sweets along with food. Than he would put all those things in a big bag and distribute them among the children of village.

One day, a group of men who were sitting under banyan tree, stopped him and said, “Please impart some knowledge to us about soul.”

One of them said, “This bag looks heavy, there must be something for us too, in this big bag of yours..”

Monk dropped his bag at once and said, “This is it.. This is the realization of soul. Now, i have told you essence of all the knowledge i had.”

Seeing this, one of them asked, “What does this mean?”

Man replied, “This bag that i am carrying is very big load and now i dropped it. Now I am free. That’s all. You also drop you bag, don’t live carrying unnecessary burdens.”

Then one of them said, “If this is all, then what’s next step?”

Man again picked up his bag and holding it on his shoulder he said, “I am not carrying any load. I am just carrying a bag full of toys for children, to share happiness and joy.

Well, it all depends on your awareness and perspective whether you consider it burden or a bag of joy.”

Saying this he went on his way.

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