Monk Alms-pot Story – How to Pacify Human Desires

Monk Alms-pot Story - How to Pacify Human DesiresOnce a monk came to King’s palace. It was King’s rule to fulfill any wish of the first person who came at his palace to ask for anything.

So, King said to him, “Ask whatever you want..”

Monk was carrying a small alms pot with him, holding it in his hand, he said, “Just fill it with gold coins.”

King thought – What could be simpler that this?

So King asked his servant to bring gold coins to fill the pot. Gold coins were bought and put into the alms pot but it remained empty.

King asked for more coins to be put into that alms-pot but still it was looking empty. King emptied all his treasures but that vessel remained empty.

Everything King had was put into that pot but it still remained empty. The more king put into that pot, the more it became empty.

King realized that it was impossible to fill that pot because it was magical..

King said, “Your vessel is not ordinary. It is beyond my ability to fill it. May i ask what is the secret of this vessel?”

Monk started laughing and said, “There is no special secret. While i was walking i found a human skull and this alms-pot was made of that human skull.

As human mind is never full, so is this alms-pot, it can never be filled.

You may fill it with money, position, knowledge or whatever yet it remains empty because it is not made to fill with these things. Material hunger of man is endless and while running behind all these desire, his life ends.

Because of not knowing the basic truth of self-knowledge, more a man attains, more poorer he becomes.

Desires of heart are not pacified by getting things because heart is made for attaining God. There is no satisfaction except the Divine. Nothing is capable of filling a man’s heart except GOD.”

Reduce Desires, Empty and Clean closet of mind from material things only then God can Reside there.

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