Mongoose and Snake Story – Think Before you Act

Mongoose and Snake Story - Think Before you Act Moral StoryOnce upon a time, a farmer was living in a village with his wife and new born baby.

One day farmer bought a mongoose at his home to keep as a pet and his child companion.

As time passed by, Mongoose became close and very loyal to farmer’s family.

Farmer and his wife always treated mongoose with lots of love as their family member.

One day farmer and his wife went to market, back at home was mongoose guarding sleeping baby.

Suddenly, a snake entered into house. Mongoose saw snake and fought hard to save child from snake.

After much effort Mongoose was able to kill snake. At that moment, farmer and his wife returned home from market.

Farmer’s wife saw mongoose face covered with blood stains.

Farmer ran inside where as farmer’s wife got scared and thought that mongoose had hurt the baby and without giving second thought she started to throw things on mongoose.

Poor mongoose was not able to react and got severely injured. When Mongoose fainted, farmer’s wife ran inside to see if child is ok.

When she entered room, she found that child was fine and soundly asleep and a dead snake was lying near cot.

Farmer’s wife understood the scene and went to mongoose.

Farmer took the mongoose to vet immediately for treatment. Luckily mongoose was saved.

Farmer’s wife realized her mistake and apologized to mongoose.

One should Never take any Action in Haste.

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