Missing Goat Number 3 – You Looking for it too?

Missing Goat Number 3 - You Looking for it too?In class 5, there were two very mischievous children Ravi and Laksh who used to go to school together.

One day, Ravi said to Laksh, “Bro, i have an idea.. so that we don’t have to attend classes tomorrow.”

Laksh asked curiously, “Tell me.. What’s the idea?”

Ravi pointed toward a direction and said, “Look there, see three goats grazing..”

Laksh said, “What about them?”

Ravi said, “Today, when school ends, we will leave school after everyone leaves and before leaving we will catch these goats and leave them in school.. and then when tomorrow school opens, everyone will waste their time searching for them and we will not have to study.”

Laksh replied, “But finding such big goats is not a difficult task.. There are only three, they will be found in some time and then we have to go back to study..”

Ravi smiled and said, “They won’t be able to find them easily, just watch what i do..”

After this, both friends waited for class to end. After everyone left, they caught those three goats and brought them inside class.

After bringing them inside, Ravi said, “Now, i will put numbers on these goats.” and started writing numbers on them.

On first goat he wrote – Number 1
On second goat he wrote – Number 2
On third goat he wrote – Number 4

“What is this? Why did you put Number 4 on third goat?”, Laksh asked in surprise.

Ravi said laughing, “This is my idea.. Now see tomorrow.. Everyone will spend whole day searching for third number goat and it will never be found..”

Next day, both friends reached school. In a short while, a class got disturbed by noise of goat. Soon whole school was disturbed. Everyone started looking for goats and were able to find three goats..

But still they kept looking as they couldn’t find goat Number 3. Whole staff and kids started searching for goat Number 3.

Many efforts were made to find that goat Number 3 but that goat could never been found…. ! Today everyone was upset but Ravi and Laksh were never so happy before. As today they had made a goat invisible with their cleverness.

After reading this story we may find it silly but we must understand the message hidden in it…

Is it necessary to worry about something all the time? It is possible that whatever we have in our life is sufficient to make our life complete.

But still sometimes we keep looking for things and get worried… It is also possible that thing we are looking for…is like that goat Number 3 which is not there in reality…

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