26 Mind Blowing Facts about Sleep

26 Mind Blowing Facts abt Sleep - Sleep Deprivation n Ways to Sleep WellMan is the only Mammal that Willingly Delays sleep.

Ever fall Asleep and Wake up with a Sudden jolt seconds Later. That Action is called a Myoclonic Jerk.

Sleep is just as important as Diet and Exercise.

Newborns sleep a Total of 14 to 17 hours a day on an Irregular schedule with Periods of one to three hours Spent Awake.

Regular physical exercise, Yoga and Meditation is Proven to Help you Improve Sleep.

Sleeping under a Weighted Blanket can Improve your Sleep and has even been Proven to Help those who Suffer from Insomnia and Anxiety.

Believing you have Slept well, Even if you Haven’t, is Believed to improve Performance.

If It takes you Less than Five minutes to fall Asleep, It’s likely that you are Sleep Deprived.

The Reason for this is Women are more likely to Multitask, meaning their Brains work Harder and therefore take Longer to Recover.

The Higher the Altitude, Greater the sleep Disruption. Generally, Sleep disturbance becomes Greater at Altitudes of 13,200 Feet or more.

Snoring is the Primary cause of Sleep disruption where as Insomnia is the most Common Sleep disorder.

Three Quarters of those who Suffer from Depression also Suffer from a Lack of sleep.

Lack of Sleep can Affect your Memory as Sleep triggers changes in the Brain that solidifies Memories.

Any Light before bed isn’t Good for getting off to Sleep. However the Blue light Emitted by technology is Twice as bad.

People who don’t get Enough Sleep are more likely to have Bigger Appetites due to the fact that their Leptin levels Fall, Promoting appetite increase.

One Sleepless night Affects your Brain in the same way as being Drunk.

Exercising regularly makes it Easier to fall Asleep and contributes to Sounder sleep. However, Exercising Sporadically or Right before going to Bed will make falling asleep More difficult.

Drinking Coffee before Bed delays your Internal body Clock by 40 minutes.

People who Procrastinate are more likely to have Problems with Sleep.

We naturally feel Tired at two Different times of the day: About 2:00 AM and 2:00 PM. It is this Natural dip in Alertness that is Primarily Responsible for the Post-lunch dip.

Sleeping on your Back is the Best position for your Health as It allows your Back, Neck and Spine to rest in a Neutral position.

The Log position is the Least popular Sleep position. Which is Sleeping on your Side with both Arms down.

Somniphobia is the Fear of Sleep.

11 days is the Record for the Longest period without Sleep.

When you are in REM sleep your Brain is almost as Active as when you are Awake.

During REM sleep Chemicals in your Brain Paralyse your Muscles to stop you Acting out your Dreams.

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