Message on Pole – Way to Help Old Woman

Message on Pole - Way to Help Old WomanOn the way, man saw a paper with handwritten message stuck on electric pole. Man went closer and started reading…

“Yesterday my fifty rupee note fell on this road. I can’t see properly and was not able to find it, whoever finds it please deliver it..!!”

was written on it and under it was written an address.

After reading that, man thought 50 rupees is such small amount still someone placed this notice, then it must be very important for person who placed this here.

That man immediately reached at given address and knocked on door. After a while an old woman came out. On asking more, man came to know that elder lady lives alone in that house.

Man said, “Mam, i have found your lost 50 rupees note. I have come to give it to you..”

Hearing that old lady started crying and said, “Son, so far about 70-75 people have given me 50 rupees note.

I can’t read. I live alone and my eyesight is also weak. I don’t know who person is, seeing this condition of mine, that person must have put that slip to help me.”

After man insisted again and again, elder took that money but also made a request to that man.

She requested him, “Be sure to tear and throw away that paper stuck on pole before leaving.”

Man responded in yes. While returning man thought, “Even before this, old lady must have asked all the people to tear that paper but it is still there.. When no one had torn that, why should i tear it..”

Then thought about man who put up that paper that how kind must have been that man who found this way to help that old lady.

There are many ways to help someone, Just Intention should be there.

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