Merchant and Five Donkeys – Monk’s Dream

Merchant and Five Donkeys - Monk's DreamMonk was going somewhere. On way he saw a merchant going with five donkeys carrying bags which looked too heavy for donkeys to carry.

Monk asked merchant, “What have you kept in these bags, which these poor donkeys are not able to carry?”

Merchant replied, “These bags are filled with things of human use. I am going to market to sell these.”

Monk said, “What things are filled in these bags?”

Merchant replied, “First donkey you see is loaded with bags of atrocities/torture.”

Monk asked, “But who will buy this?”

Merchant said, “It’s buyers are ruling people. It is sold at a very high rate.”

Monk asked pointing to second donkey, “What is in bags of this donkey?”

Merchant replied, “This bag is full of pride.. and its buyers are scholars.”

Merchant continued, “Bags on third donkey contains jealousy and its customers are rich people who can not tolerate other people success. Lots of people buy this.

Bags on fourth donkey contains dishonesty. It’s customers are those businessman who makes profit by cheating. There are always many buyers ready for this.”

Monk asked, “Then what’s loaded on last donkey?”

Merchant replied, “Bags on this donkey are full of fraud and people who do not do any work and do frauds to cheat people, buy this.”

Just then Monk woke up and realized that it was a dream.

Monk realized that merchant was the devil himself, who was spreading evils in the world and his victims become selfish people with weak mentality.

There is only one way to avoid becoming a victim of the devil, that by keeping true faith in God, try to make your mind a temple of God.

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