35 Short Motivational Quotes by Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Short Quotes - Best Wisdom and Motivational Life QuotesMaya Angelou was a Celebrated Author, Influential poet, Dancer, Actress, Singer and Civil right activist. Maya received over 50 Honorary degrees.



Nothing will Work, unless you Do.

Your Belief and your Work will Speak for You.

All great Achievements require Time.

Determine to Live life with Flair and Laughter.

When you Get, Give. When you Learn, Teach.

Be a Rainbow in Someone else’s Cloud.

You Alone are Enough. You have Nothing to Prove to Anybody.

We may Encounter many Defeats but we must Not be Defeated.

Ask for What you want and be Prepared to Get it.

Let Nothing Dim the light that Shines from within.

You can’t Use up Creativity. The More you Use, the More you Have.

Do the Best you can Until you know Better. Then when you know Better, Do better.

If You are always Trying to be Normal you will Never know, how Amazing you can Be.

You can’t really Know where you are Going until you know Where you have Been.

If You don’t Like something, Change it. If you can’t Change it, Change your Attitude.

Success is liking Yourself, Liking what you Do and Liking how you Do it.

Forgive Yourself for not Knowing. What you didn’t Know before, you Learned it.

The Only way out of Something is All the way Through it.

If One has Courage, Nothing can Dim the Light which Shines from within.



We Need much less than we Think we need.

The Honorary duty of a Human being is to Love.

Everybody is worth Everything.

Surviving is Important. Thriving is Elegant.

The Needs of Society determine its Ethics.

If Someone shows you who They really are, Believe them.

Faith is the Evidence of the Unseen.

I do my Best because I am Counting on you, Counting on me.

Everything in the Universe has a Rhythm, Everything Dances.

You Listen with Interest. That gives some Sense of Confidence to the Speaker.

There is a very Fine line between Loving life and being Greedy for it.

Love is like a Virus. It can happen to Anybody at any Time.

Have Enough courage to Trust Love one more time and Always one more time.

If We lose Love and Self-respect for Each other, this is How we finally Die.

Hate, It has caused a lot of Problems in the World but has Not solved one yet.

Never make someone a Priority, When all you are to Them is an Option.

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