Farmer Heir – Thinking Wisely Story

Thinking Wisely Stories - Father Daughter Short Motivational Story English

Once in a village lived a rich farmer with his four daughter. All his daughter were married and were happily living their life. Farmer was getting old and there was no one else to look after his property. So one day farmer thought of testing capability of his daughters so that he can decide what … Read more

Thinking Out of Box – Toothpaste Factory Problem

Thinking Out of the Box Short Stories - Best Funny Engineering Short Story

Once a toothpaste factory had a problem with its packaging and because of packaging problem some empty boxes were shipped without tube inside. Production line designing engineers knew it was quiet difficult to have exact precision of packing tube into pack with perfection every time. They also knew it was very necessary to sort out … Read more

Transportation – Short Story on Policy Change..!!

Short Stories on Policy Change - Moral Story about Problem and Solution

Once an old brewery decided to install a new line for canning so that it enables products to be marketed to the supermarket sector. It was major change for a little company so it invited all local dignitaries and employees to witness this big change. All came on the day of inauguration of new canning … Read more

Management Story – Funny Farmer (Must Read)

Interesting Management Stories - Funny Farmer Reply Moral Short Stories

At an old chapel all locals and remote people used to come up for Sunday services. One time it was freezing snow outside and no one came to chapel except one. Farmer came several miles to the chapel even after it was snowing and freezing cold outside. Now there were only two people at chapel, … Read more

Story of Watermelon.! (Must Read)

Story of Watermelon - Best Moral Story about Life Learning and Education

Once there lived a boy in a village of Parra in Goa which was famous for its watermelons. Every year farmers would organize a watermelon eating contest at the end of every harvest season in May. Farmers used to invite kids from all over village to participate in the contest. Farmer would keep best watermelons … Read more

Farmer Missing Watch Story – Sound of Silence.!

Farmer Moral Stories - Missing Watch Short Story with Life Lesson Silence

Once there was a farmer who lost his watch in barn. For farmer that lost watch had very deep sentimental value. So, he searched all over to find watch. Even after searching all, among hay and corners of barn for long he couldn’t find the watch. At last he gave up and asked the help … Read more

Making Most of Opportunities

It’s story of Rich man who had four sons. As rich man grew old he decided to give his property to son who would value his wealth most. So, he called his sons and gave each of them five Grains of rice and told them that he would ask for these grains at the end … Read more

Young Man Lost Opportunity!!

Short Story about Opportunity - Stories About Management

It’s a story of young man who wanted to marry beautiful daughter of farmer. He went to father to ask for permission to marry his daughter. Farmer looked at him and said, “I will allow you to marry my daughter but you have to fullfil one condition.” Further he continued and told him condition, “Son … Read more

Most Popular Profession..!! Akbar Birbal Stories

Most Popular Profession - Akbar Birbal Stories in English

One day Akbar thought about professions and wanted to know which profession was most popular in his capital. He asked about this to his courtier. Some said it would be trade, other said soldiering. When it was Birbal turn, he arose from his seat and bowed before Akbar and said, “Your Majesty, in my opinion … Read more

Japanese Fishing Co. Solution Story.. Must Read

Japanese Fishing Story Motivational Management Stories

How Resources, Skills and Abilities Make a Difference. Japanese loved fresh fish but for decades close by water has not held many fishes. So to feed Japanese population, Fishing boats got bigger and went further and further than before. Further the fisherman went for fishing, more time it took them to bring back the fish. … Read more

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