Man Question to Buddha – Why There is No Change in Me?

Man Question to Buddha - Why Still There is No Change in MeBuddha used to give discourse on river bank. Many people used to come to listen to him.

Everyone listened to him very attentively.

A person used to come daily from far away to listen to Buddha’s discourse.

One day, after discourse ended, he went to Buddha and said, “I listen to your teachings everyday but still there is no change in me!”

Buddha smiled and asked, “Which village are you from?”

Man replied, “There is a village ten miles away from here. I live there.”

Buddha asked, “How do you come from your village?”

Man replied, “I walk all the way here.”

At this Buddha said, “Can you reach your village without walking.”

Man was surprised and said, “No.. That’s not possible.”

Buddha smiled and said, “Similarly, if you do not implement my teachings in your behavior then there will be no effect on you. Nor can you see any change in you.

You yourself have to start following those teaching in your life consistently according to situations, only then you can bring change in your life.

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