Man Lost all Hope – Grass and Bamboo Story

Man Lost all Hope - Grass and Bamboo StoryOnce a businessman became hopeless after, his business failed. He became frustrated with life and one day while upset, he went to forest and sat alone in forest.

While sitting there, he thought for long and then said to God, “Tell me one reason why i should not despair, i lost everything, what should i do with this life? Why should i live?”

Just then he heard a voice… It was God’s voice

God said – When i first planted grass and bamboo seeds, i took very good care of both of them.

Soon grass started growing and it turned land green where as bamboo seed didn’t show any change. Still i didn’t stop caring for bamboo.

In second year, grass became more dense and grew more but still there was no change in bamboo seed.

Even in third year, there was no result for bamboo trees, it seed didn’t sprout, yet i didn’t lose hope and kept watering it and took care for it.

Even in fourth year, there was no growth.

Five years later, a small plant sprouted from bamboo seed. It was very small compared to grass but only 6 months after, this small plant grew to 20 feet tall.

It took five years for bamboo seed to sprout. In these five years, its root became so strong that it could handle bamboo length which was more than 20 feet high.

Always remember, whenever you have to struggle in life then understand that your roots are getting stronger. Your struggle is making you stronger so that you can make tomorrow the best it can be.

I didn’t give up on bamboo. I won’t give up on you and therefore you shouldn’t give up on yourself.

Time of growth for both grass and bamboo is different and so is their purpose. Similarly, you time will also come. Don’t be afraid of struggles in your life, this struggle will strengthen the roots of your success.

Keep going, don’t give up, if not today then tomorrow your good time will also come.

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