Man Jumped in River to Catch! Story about Bad Habits

Man Jumped in River to Catch! Story about Bad HabitsStory 1: Man Trying to get Blanket from River!

Once a man was sitting with his friends on the river bank. Just then man saw a blanket floating in the river. As soon as man saw that blanket, he jumped into the river to catch it.

After a while, he felt as if that blanket had caught hold of him and was carrying him away. He started shouting for help and called out to his friends.

Friends who were sitting on river bank said, “Leave the blanket.”

Man shouted and replied, “First, i had caught hold of blanket but now this blanket has caught hold of me. I want to leave it but it is not leaving me.”

Soon, they realized that, it was not a blanket but a bear, which looked like a blanket when seen from above. Now, that bear had caught hold of him.

Such are bad habits. First we catch them but then it catches hold of us and take us away with it, even if we try to get rid of it, we couldn’t.

We should understand that Man is slave of habits. Habits form nature of a person and then that nature becomes the personality and it becomes life of a person.

Therefore, when a habit has to be formed, then we should try to form good habit.


Story 2: King Question – Are Sinners Punished?

One day, a King went to his Guru and asked, “Acharya! You say that those who commit sins definitely get punished but when we see around, it seems that sinners enjoy happiness.”

Guru replied, “O King, When an injustice is done, it is not punished immediately. Just like when a cow is served it gives milk after sometime or after plowing and sowing the fields one gets grains after a few months.

In same way, The punishment for sin and the reward for virtuous deeds are certain. But over a certain period of time!”

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