Man Holding Rope – Who is Real Owner?

man was holding a rope tied to cowOnce a man was holding a rope tied to cow and was trying to take her home but cow didn’t want to go and was not moving even an inch. Man tried many times to move cow on way towards his home but cow resisted. A lot of time passed like this.

A saint was watching this whole thing. He suddenly started laughing.

Man was already furious and laughter of saint struck him like an arrow. He said to saint, “Why are you laughing so much?”

Saint replied, “Brother! I am not laughing at you. I was laughing at myself…”

Saint was holding a bag by his side. Taking his bag in his hand, Saint said, “I am thinking… i am owner of this bag? or this bag is my owner?”

Man said, “What is the point of thinking this? If this bag is yours then you own it. Just like this cow is mine because i own it.”

Saint replied, “No brother! This bag is my master, i am it’s slave. It doesn’t need me, i need it. You leave the rope of this cow then you will see who owns whom? Whoever goes behind other one, is the slave.”

Saying this saint dropped his bag and laughing went on his way.

We consider ourselves Owner of many things and individuals but In Reality we are not their owners but slaves. They are the Owners because we Need them.

The Number of ropes one holds, more he is a slave. One who has Given up all the Ropes, who do not expect anything from anyone.. is the Real owner.

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