Man Crying Over Last Stone – Mahatma Wise Words

Man Crying Over Last Stone - Mahatma Wise WordsIt was still dark in morning. A man came out for walk at river bank. After walking for while his foot hit a bag. Out of curiosity, man picked up that bag and put his hand in bag. On touching he found that bag was filled with stones.

To pass time, man sat there and started to pick stone out of bag and throw them in water one by one.

When the last stone was in his hand, because of sunrise, sunlight spread around. In light, man saw that stone was shining very brightly. As soon as he saw that stone, he was stunned because that was no ordinary stone but precious jewel.

Seeing this, he started crying bitterly.

Looking at the last precious stone in his hands, he started cursing the darkness and was sitting mournfully on bank of river.

Just then a Mahatma who was passing by, seeing man crying, Mahatma went to him and asked, “What happened?”

Man told him what happened and how he had lost so many precious stones.

Mahatma said, “Son, don’t be sad. You are still lucky that sun rose before you threw the last stone, otherwise you would have lost even this stone.

This one precious stone can still help you.

So, instead of crying over what has gone, you should be happy with what’s in your hand. Rejoice and strive for a brighter future and Thank God for what you still have.”

After hearing Mahatma’s word, man stopped crying and went his home happily.

We should not keep regretting over what’s lost but move ahead in life with what we have mad make most of it.

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