Man Complaint to God about Troubles in Life

Man Complaint to God about Troubles in LifeOnce a person had a very bad day. At night, he pleaded to God and said, “God, if you are not angry, may i ask you a question?”

God replied, “Ask, whatever you want to ask.”

Person said, “God, why did you spoiled my whole day?”

God asked, “But what happened?”

Person said, “In morning, my alarm didn’t ring because of this i got up late.. I was already late to work, on my way my scooter broke down.

With difficulty i got a taxi. In hurry, i forgot to bring my lunchbox and then at work, canteen was closed. I had too spend whole day without food.”

God replied, “Well…”

Person continued complaining, “I had to receive a call but my phone got switched off. Then i thought that i should go home early and sleep but when i reached home, there was no electricity..

God, please tell me why did i have to go through so much trouble?”

God replied, “Look, listen to me carefully. Today, you were going to get into some big trouble.

I made sure that alarm wouldn’t go off so that you stay at home. But you went out and then you were going to get into a big accident with scooter, so i broke it down..

Eating in canteen would have lead to food poisoning. Person for whose call you were waiting would have trapped you in big scam. So i switched off the phone.

Today, your house was to catch fire due to short circuit while you were sleeping and you wouldn’t have known about it.. that why i cut off the electricity of your house..

I didn’t do all this to trouble you but to save you from bigger trouble..”

Person realized and thanked God and said, “God, i made a mistake. Please forgive me. I will not complain after today.”

God smiled and said, “No need to apologize but you should believe in me, trust me that whatever i will do, whatever i plan, will be for your good only.

The true effect of whatever good or bad happens in life is understood after a long time. So do not doubt my work. Instead of carrying the burden of life on yourself, just trust me and put it on my shoulder.

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