Man Anger and Hatred toward his Neighbour – Saint Solution

Man Anger and Hatred toward his Neighbour - Saint SolutionIn a village, lived a man who was troubled by his neighbour for long time. He was very upset with him.

One day, a saint came to village. Man went to him and all about his problem with his neighbour and then said, “Baba, it has been long time since my neighbour had troubled me. Today i will kill him, i am telling you this only.”

Saint replied, “Son, listen to me carefully, i will tell you something important.”

Man got closer to saint.

Saint said, “Son, he will die on his own in six months, why will you kill him. If you kill him then you will suffer life of imprisonment. Just wait and he will die on his own.”

Man was very happy to hear this. He thanked Saint and returned home.

Now, whenever he met his neighbour, he would think that he will die in six months and would not feel angry after seeing him.

Now there was no fight, no anger. All the hatred and anger went away. Man would not feel any negative emotion towards his neighbour anymore.

His relation got better with his neighbour with in few months. Now, six months were about to end and man started feeling bad for his neighbour.

Man went to Saint and said, “Baba, six months are about to end and i feel bad for my neighbour. Can’t he be saved?”

Saint smiled and said, “Son, i didn’t talked about his death. I was talking about your anger and hatred. That it will die after six months.”

Man understood Saint’s word and thanked him for saving him from doing wrong.

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