20 Famous Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

20 Mahatma Gandhi Inspirational Quotes about Human Nature and LifeMohandas Karamchand Gandhi commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi. He was one of the most prominent leaders of the Indian Independence movement. He led his life in the most inspirational manner and that is why he has inspired so many generations and is still doing so.


Earth provides Enough to Satisfy every man’s Needs but not every man’s Greed.

You must not lose Faith in Humanity. Humanity is like an Ocean – If a Few drops of the Ocean are Dirty, the Ocean Does not become Dirty.

Man’s Happiness really Lies in Contentment. He who is Discontented, However much he Possesses, becomes a Slave to his Desires.

There are two Days in the Year that we can not do Anything – Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Strength Does not come from Winning. When you go through Hardships and Decide not to Surrender, that is Strength.

Man is often times Weak-minded enough to be Caught in the Snare of Greed and Honeyed words.

Gentleness, Self-sacrifice and Generosity are the exclusive Possession of No one race or religion.

All compromise is based on Give and Take but there can be No give and take on Fundamentals. Any Compromise on Mere Fundamentals is a Surrender. For it is all Give and no Take.

When you are Right, you have No need to be Angry. When you are Wrong, you have No right to be Angry.

Man often Becomes what he Believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to Myself that I cannot do a Certain thing, It is possible that I may End by really becoming Incapable of doing it.

Power is of two Kinds. One is obtained by the Fear of Punishment and the other by Acts of Love. Power based on Love is a thousand times more Effective and Permanent then the one Derived from Fear of Punishment.

Each one has to Find his Peace from Within. Peace to be Real must be Unaffected by outside Circumstances.

The Purpose of Life is Undoubtedly to know Oneself. We cannot do it Unless we Learn to identify Ourselves with all that Lives. The Sum-total of that Life is God.

Knowledge without Character is a Power for Evil only, as seen in the Instances of so many talented Thieves and ‘Gentlemen Rascals’ in the World.

Every Moment of your Life is infinitely Creative and the Universe is Endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a Clear enough Request and Everything your Heart Desires must come to You.

Persistent questioning and Healthy inquisitiveness are the first Requisite for Acquiring Learning of any Kind.

Monotony is the Law of Nature. Look at the Monotonous manner in which the Sun Rises. The Monotony of necessary Occupation is Exhilarating and Life giving.

If I have the Belief that I can do it, I shall surely Acquire the Capacity to do it Even if I may not have it at the Beginning.

Strength does not come from Physical capacity. It comes from an Indomitable Will.

Do not Judge others. Be your own Judge and you will be truly Happy. If you will try to Judge others, you are likely to Burn your Fingers.

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