Blind Husband – Heart Touching Love Story

Blind Husband - Heart Touching Love Story

A man married a very beautiful girl. After marriage they were living happily. Man admired her beauty and loved her very much. But after few months, wife came to know that she was suffering from a skin disease and because of that gradually she will lose her beauty. Knowing this, wife started thinking to herself, … Read more

Three Old Man – Story about Love

Story about Love - Three Old Man n Couples Choice Story wid Life Lesson

Once in a village, a woman saw three old man sitting outside her house. They were sitting there for quiet a while. Woman went outside and said, “I saw that you are sitting here for long, you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat.” Men asked, “Is man of the house … Read more

True Love – Valentine’s Special Story

Valentine Special Story - Girl and Boy Heart Touching Story abt True Love

Once a girl and boy fell in love. Girl’s parents weren’t too happy with this relation, So boy decided not only to court girl but her parents as well. In time, Girl’s parent realized that he was good man and agreed for their marriage. When parents agreed, another problem arised. Boy was in army and … Read more

Little Girl’s Gift to Dad

Daughter Gift to Dad Story - Heart Touching Father Daughter Short Story

Once a little girl bought a small gift for her father. When she came home, she looked for wrapping paper and then wrapped it up good to gift it to her father. At night when father came home, she happily came to him and presented that small wrapped gift to her father. When father saw … Read more

Romantic Stories – Old Man Love..!!

Heart Touching Romantic Love Stories - Old Couple Best Short Love Story

Once in morning came an elderly gentleman in hospital. He came to get his stitches removed from his thumb. A nurse came to attend him. Nurse checked his vitals and told him to wait as it would be over an hour before doctor would be able to see him. While attending old man nurse noticed … Read more

Best Heart Touching Father Son Story – Inspiring

Best Short Moral Stories - Heart Touching Short Story of Father and Son

One evening, a son took his father to a restaurant. After getting seated there. Son called waiter and ordered food. Father was old and weak because of this while eating food, his father dropped food on his short and trousers. While son was calming having food with father, other diners sitting there looked at them … Read more

Scars in Your Life..! Mother Son Story

Scars in Your Life Story - Heart Touching Stories of Mother and Son Love

On a hot summer day, A little boy and his mother were inside a lake house. Little boy decided to go for a swim in lake behind his house. Boy was really excited to go into lake and swim in cool lake so he just ran out. Boy went into lake and swam far without … Read more

Brother’s Love..!!

A Brother's Love Short Stories - Heart Touching Stories Brother Sister Love

In hospital, there was little girl who was suffering from a very rare and serious disease. She had little brother who was just 5 years old. Her brother himself was suffering from same disease and miraculously he survived and had developed antibodies to combat that illness. Doctors found that girls only chance of recovery is … Read more

Young Girl Love for Prince.! Honesty Story

Stories on Honesty and Truthfulness - Prince and Young Girl Best Stories

In ancient china, It was tradition that if prince has to be married before he can become crowned emperor. There was a prince who was about to be crowned. So he needed to find a young woman whom he could trust and get married to. Once there was a  who had to be crowned in … Read more

Losing Everything in Moment of Anger!!

Sad Heart Touching Story - Losing Everything in Anger Moral Story

A couple had been married for 10 years but they didn’t had any child. They stayed with each other and really hoped that they will have a child before their 11th anniversary. Their family and friends were pursuing them to get a divorce but they didn’t wanted to get separated because of strong love between … Read more

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