Live Life While You Can..! Living Life Story

Living Life Stories - Beautiful Short Story abt Life Happiness Death WealthOnce there was a person who was very hard working and focused to earn more and more money for better life. He worked very hard and made a great career. Man was so busy with all his work that he never even got time to meet his family for long time.

After long he realized that he worked all his life and never really enjoyed his life. So he decided he should take rest from work and live in luxury which he owned because of his wealth which he earned in all these years.

Just when he decided to enjoy his life, Death came to him.

Now being a very wealthy person he tried to buy time from death to live more at any cost but death was unmoved.

Desperate to live man made many proposals to death but nothing worked so at last he made one last proposal to death and asked him to give him at least one hour so that he could admire beauty of nature, spend sometime with his family and in exchange of that man would give all his money to death.

But death refused again.

Finally man requested death to at least give him one minute so that he can write goodbye note to his family. Death granted his wish.

Man wrote in his note, “Spend time given to you right way. Listen to your heart and check if the surroundings you are living in have the true value. Cherish every minute of your life Because once time passes and death come you can’t even buy one hour of life with all this wealth.”

We never know how much Time we have in our Life so we should value each and every moment of Life. Give time to what’s important. Spend time with family and Enjoy life while we can.

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