Little Girl Prayer and Umbrella – Must Read

Little Girl Prayer and Umbrella - Must ReadNot even a drop of rain had fallen in a village for 4 years. Because of drought everyone in village was sad. There lived a farmer with his wife and daughter.

One day, farmer called his wife and said, “We should pray to God for rain.” His wife came to him with their 6 year old girl to pray to God.

Farmer was sitting in front of God with folded hands and beside him was sitting his wife and daughter. He said in hoarse voice hiding his tears, “I have heard that God listens to children prayer quickly. Let us all together pray to God for rain.”

Everyone started praying for rain in their own way.

Little girl spoke in her mind, “God, my father is very upset.. You can do everything.. Please make it rain in our village too..”

After some time, Farmer got up and was about to go for work.

Seeing him going out, Girl said to her father, “Where are you going?”

“Daughter, i m going to farm to do some work..”, said farmer.

At this, girl ran toward her father and said, “Wait.. i will come with you too.”

Saying this, girl ran inside and quickly came back with an umbrella. Seeing umbrella in her hand, farmer asked, “Why did you bring umbrella? It’s evening, sun is already gone.”

Little girl said, “Father, we have prayed to God for rain. We will get wet in rain if we go out without umbrella.”

Farmer was shocked to hear little girl answer. He looked at the sky, then at innocent face of his daughter.

At that very moment, he felt a voice saying to him, “It’s good to pray but more important than that is to believe that your prayer will be answered and then act according.

Farmer took his daughter in his arms, kissed her on the forehead and went on for his work, holding umbrella in his hands.

We all pray but not all of us Believe completely in our Prayers. In such Situation our prayer become just Words and does not turn into Reality.

Therefore, if you want to see your Worship truly successful then have Faith in God and Act as if your Prayer is about to be heard. When you do this Consistently, God will surely hear you.

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