Little Boy Caught Stealing Sweet – Story with Moral Lesson

Little Boy Stealing Sweet - Story with Moral LessonOnce in a village, lived a little boy with his mother. His Mother use to sell cow’s milk to near by houses to make living.

Little boy was good and used to help his mother with her work.

One day, boy with his mother went to village temple. There, sweets offering was made to God by Priest.

Seeing sweets, little boy couldn’t resist his temptation and went behind Idol of God to steal some sweet. When no one was looking, little boy took some sweet from plate.

But little boy’s mother saw him stealing sweets. She got very angry and help little boy by his ears and dragged him outside temple.

Little boy’s mother angrily said, “How dare you to steal inside temple. God is watching everything, now God will punish you.”

And she starting beating Little boy. He started to cry but for his mother this act of stealing was unacceptable.

Just then neighbor came, ans saw this. When she saw Little Boy mother beating him, she came for Little boy rescue.

She asked, “Why are you beating him?”

“This silly boy was stealing sweets from plate which was offered to God. How can he steal in front of God? Is this what i taught him?”, Little boy’s mother said in sad voice.

Neighbor asked his Mother to calm down and then she turned to boy and said, “Stealing is bad habit. Even if you steal small things, It’s not good. God is always watching us.”

“I took out sweets from plate assuming that God was not watching me, just like the way my mother mix water in milk everyday before selling it and asked me not to tell anyone.

I never tell anyone about her secret but now she is beating me and not keeping my secret.”, said little boy sobbing.

Mother realized her mistake and then instead of beating him, she apologized to boy for her bad behavior and promised to be an honest person.

Kids Follow what their Parents Do and Not what their Parents Say. Kids Reflect their Parent’s Characteristics, So we should be Careful with our Actions.

Moral Stories for Kids: Admit Your Mistakes – Little Boy Story

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