Little Bird End Time – Garuda and Yama God Story

Little Bird End Time - Garuda and Yama God StoryOnce Lord Vishnu’s Garuda was at Kailash. There he noticed a small bird, at same time Yama Dev (God of Death) arrived at Kailash and looked at bird with surprise.

Seeing this, Garuda understood that that bird’s end was near. He felt pity and to save that bird from Yama dev, he picked up that little bird in his claws and flew away thousands of kilometer.

There in a forest, Garuda left that bird and returned to Kailash.

When Garuda returned, he meet Yama Dev. He asked him, “Why you looked at that bird with surprised?”

Yama Dev smiled and said, “When i saw that bird, I came to know that after a few moments it would be eaten by a snake, who was was thousands of kilometers away from here.

Seeing that bird here, i was wondering how it would go so far so quickly. But now, she is not here, then she must have been eaten by that snake.”

At that moment, Garuda understood that death cannot be avoided, no matter how clever one is.

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