Lion Offer to Cat – Bitter Truth of Today’s World

Lion Offer to Cat - Bitter Truth of Today's WorldLong time ago, lived a lion in a cave. All animals of forest were afraid of lion. One day, a mouse entered lion’s cave, thinking that no animal would come near lion’s cave, mouse found it to be most appropriate place to stay safe.

Mouse dug a burrow in lion’s cave and started living there. At night, when lion used to sleep then it used to come out of hole. Lion didn’t even got a clue of presence of mouse in it’s cave.

Overtime, mouse became proud of itself and stopped being afraid of lion.

One day mouse thought, “Lion troubled this forest by scaring it all its animal his whole life. Now, when i got chance, i should make his life difficult.”

Thinking this, now, every night mouse would come out of its hole and cut thick hair of lion’s neck. When lion woke up in morning, he would find think hair of his neck lying on ground.

For some days, lion didn’t understand anything but soon he realise that mouse has entered its cave. Knowing this, lion tried hard to catch mouse with its claws but every time rat escaped from lion’s clutches.

Not able to catch that mouse, lion thought of an idea and then went to cat who used to live in forest. Lion asked cat to come to his cave and live so that mouse would run away from lion’s cave, due to fear of cat.

Lion offered cat all the comfort to live in exchange for help to get rid of that mouse. Cat agreed.

Cat came and started to live in lion’s cave. Lion welcomed cat in his cave and started to live comfortably in cave.

Now, lion used to hunt and feed the cat everyday. Fearing cat, mouse has stopped coming out of its burrow. At last lion found it’s peace but mouse was still living in burrow in cave.

Whenever lion heard sound of mouse, he would feed cat even better. Provide it with fresher prey, so that cat stayed in its cave. Because of cat fear, mouse stopped coming out and starved.

One day, when lion was out in search of prey, mouse came out of burrow. Cat saw it and quickly caught in its claw and killed the mouse and ate it.

In evening when lion came back, there was smell of dead mouse. Lion at once understood that cat has done its work.

Now, when cat met lion, he told him about mouse. Lion thought, “Now, when mouse is dead, why do i need to feed this cat anymore.”

Lion at once attacked the cat and killed it.

Other will be Good to You Till They Need You. Therefore, Be aware of One’s True Nature and Intention.

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